Policing, community safety, crime prevention and victim services have all gone through unprecedented changes in recent years. This pioneering partnership provides an ideal opportunity for research collaboration and knowledge exchange between the research, policy and policing practice.  

The N8 Policing Research Partnership (N8 PRP) has been established to enable and foster research collaborations that will help address the problems of policing in the 21st century and achieve international excellence in policing research. By harnessing the skills, capabilities and resources across the North of England the project will deliver at a scale with real impact by fostering cross-force collaborations.


  • Building research co-production capacity;
  • Testing mechanisms for exploiting knowledge and expertise to strengthen the evidence-base on which policy, practice and training are developed;
  • Supporting innovation and the professionalisation of policing.


  • Produce high quality, independent research;
  • To build policing research and knowledge exchange capacity in HEIs;
  • To enhance the quality, integrity, scope, synthesis and exploitation of datasets;
  • To develop capacity and resources in (a) policing research and (b) police and crime data analytics;
  • To encourage and foster the development of national and international links;
  • To develop and disseminate a transferable model of practice.

For further information:

N8 PRP About

N8 PRP Purpose, Rationale & Principles

N8 PRP Annual Report 2019

The Annual Report reviews the third year of achievements of the N8 Policing Research Partnership (N8 PRP) Catalyst Fund programme

International Advisory Board

The Advisory Board comprises senior representatives from the policy, practice and research communities both nationally and internationally with links to and expertise in policing