Central Team

Professor Adam Crawford

N8 PRP Director, University of Leeds

Steph Abraham

N8 PRP Project manager, University of Leeds


Oliver Abe

N8 PRP Events and Communications, University of Leeds


Policing Innovation Forum

This strand should constitute a dynamic ‘engine’ of innovation at the heart of the overall project that regularly spawns new synergies, identifies novel research co-production opportunities, stimulates knowledge exchange and drives innovation. Key policing partners and wider stakeholders will be central to the design and operation of the forum which will generate ideas that feed into the Research Co-production strand (below).

Dr Stephen Brookes

University of Manchester

Dr Geoff Pearson

University of Manchester


Data Analytics

This strand will seek to provide a data analytics infrastructure enabling the pooling and sharing of significant policing and other appropriate datasets. The infrastructure will act as a forum, clearing house and, where appropriate, provide a gateway to secure data repository services; improving access to sources of police data that are otherwise inaccessible and under-used.

The infrastructure aims to add significant value data and open new avenues for research, analysis, visualisation and data exploitation for the police and academic communities.

Data Analytics page 

Dr Dan Birks

University of Leeds

Dr Nick Malleson

University of Leeds

Fiona McLaughlin

University of Leeds


People & Knowledge Exchange

This strand will provide significant staff mobility and interaction between police/partner agencies and academics (including early career researchers) in HEIs. The intention is to foster greater mutual understanding and trust between the partners via people exchange, including secondments, internships and placements and also to facilitate research into priority policing issues. A systematic and sustainable infrastructure with dedicated resources and services that support the regional knowledge exchange partnership will also be provided. Opportunities to dovetail with universities Impact Acceleration Accounts (ESRC and EPSRC) will be promoted where available.

Professor Nicole Westmarland

N8 PRP Deputy Director, Durham University

Dr Donna Marie Brown

Durham University


Research Co-Production

The aim of this strand is to build excellent and sustainable research capacity and capability to tackle new and emerging fields of enquiry and policing challenges. It will embed innovation directly within the programme of research co-production and generate spin-off research grant applications and teams of research collaborators from across the partnership. It is also intended to support a cohort of new generation research studentships that benefit from experimental learning opportunities and close collaborations with policing partners.

See the latest announcements about our small grants funding and PhD studentships.

Dr Jill Clark

Newcastle University


Public Engagement

The relationship between the police and the public is regarded as essential if the police are to serve the public fairly, effectively, and efficiently. Police forces should recognise the importance of engaging with a wide range of communities and listening to different views about what they should be doing. Police forces often describe community engagement as part of everything they do and place high importance on developing and maintaining public trust and confidence. However, conflict can arise for various reasons. The public are not always fully-informed about the pressures police work under, including resource constraints and new and emerging risks and harms. Similarly the police do not always understand the perspectives of some members of the public about what they should prioritise, how they should work and what they and their communities need from the police. Sometimes relationships between police and members of the communities they serve can break down, and become marked by low confidence and a lack of trust.

Embedding public engagement in the work of the N8 Policing Research Partnership is a way of recognising the vital importance of the public to policing. The public engagement strand of the N8 PRP seeks to work with police forces and members of the public to facilitate knowledge sharing and the identification of good practice in police-community engagement activities. It also aims to explore public attitudes towards the idea of policing being based on evidence generated by universities. What role do the public think universities and other research organisations should play in informing and supporting police work?

For more information see Public Engagement

Dr Liz Turner

University of Liverpool


International Programme

The aim of this strand is to develop and share our knowledge about how best to undertake collaborations between researchers and police on policing,  drawing from international experience, and to exploit the international impact of policing research.

Professor Joanna Shapland

University of Sheffield

Dr Layla Skinns

University of Sheffield

Dr Matthew Bacon

University of Sheffield


Training & Learning

The aim of this strand is to enhance research training and learning among police and partner organisations to secure research impact and maximise the practical benefits to policing innovation and the exploitation of data.

Professor Corinne May-Chahal

Lancaster University

Dr Jude Towers

Liverpool John Moores University


Monitoring & Evaluation

The role of this strand is to evaluate the impact, value and effectiveness of the different activity strands as they develop and to monitor the implementation and effectiveness of the plans and delivery structure.

Charlie Lloyd

University of York

Dr Geoff Page

University of York