Spice and police custody: there must be a better way

Kelly J. Stockdale, Teesside University A string of shocking videos showing users of the drug “spice” in frozen and catatonic states on Britain’s streets and in prisons have sparked a national debate about how to deal with the substance and its users. But these disturbing images are just a snapshot. The true cost is yet … Read more

Co-production in police research: towards a model of greater inclusivity

Written by Sean Butcher, University of Leeds  ‘Communities have problems; universities have departments’. So remarked the OECD in 1982, in a not-so-thinly veiled attack on the academy that lamented its inability to influence positive social change. Higher education institutions, it observed, were rigid and unintegrated. Its people, and their linked interests, were divided by faculties … Read more

Policing with a Purpose: A Leadership Compass

by Dr Stephen Brookes, University of Manchester Business School I recently had the opportunity to consider the policing challenges facing Police Scotland, along with colleagues from the Scottish Institute of Policing Research and senior practitioners[1].  Concern had been expressed by Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary for Scotland about an apparent absence of a long-term vision … Read more

Knowledge Co-Production and the Policing of Football Crowd Violence.

Professor Clifford Stott, Co-Director Keele University Policing Academic Collaboration (K-PAC). On the 25th January 2017 Djurgården IFK (DIF), one of Stockholm’s three major football clubs – played a friendly against Vasalund, a small club based in the Solna district of north Stockholm. Solna is the heartland of Allmänna Idrottsklubben or AIK, one of Stockholm’s other … Read more

Innovation in Policing Coercive Control

“95 out of 100 domestic abuse survivors in one study reported experiencing coercive control …”, This was a startling account from domestic abuse victims given at the beginning of the second N8 Policing Innovation Forum, held in Manchester in November. Vera Baird QC told delegates this worrying fact as she opened the conference.  Vera has … Read more

Restorative Justice and Coercive Control

Republished from: Restorative Justice – Part Two by Eve Thomas (SAFE CPS Limited). To be read in conjunction with Restorative Justice & Domestic Abuse.   For the last six years myself and colleagues have been researching the Criminal Justice System, victims services, business and industry in the UK, this has been far reaching and included the Police … Read more

N8 PRP Pilot Staff Exchange – Restorative Approaches and Organised Crime

A collaborative project between Durham Constabulary and the University of Sheffield has undertaken an exploratory study of extending the use of restorative justice practices in new and innovative ways. The project represented the first pilot of the N8PRP’s Staff Exchange scheme and explored the views of key stakeholders concerning the feasibility of introducing restorative approaches … Read more

Markets in Policing: Conference Review

Conference Review: 11th-12th July 2016 Written by Sean Butcher, PhD Researcher at University of Leeds, School of Law. Policing stands at a crossroads. In a period of considerable fiscal restraint, the challenge of meeting public demand for police provision has intensified. Previously inconceivable proposals to outsource policing goods are no longer so readily dismissed. Once … Read more