New Report Brings to Light the Potential of Restorative Approaches with Organised Crime

In 2016 the N8 PRP began a programme of staff exchange activities intended to foster greater mutual understanding and trust between partner agencies, and to facilitate research into priority policing issues. An exploratory study into extending the use of restorative justice practices in new and innovative ways represented the first pilot of the N8PRP’s Staff Exchange scheme. … Read more

A Coordinated Community Response to Domestic Abuse: N8 PRP Hosts Second Knowledge Exchange Conference.

Responding to domestic abuse remains a top priority for Police Forces across the UK. Adopting and developing holistic, multi-agency approaches to such cases on first response and beyond is regarded as key to reducing harm, saving the lives of victims, and holding perpetrators of domestic violence accountable for their actions. On 12th June 2017 around … Read more

Call for papers: Next Generation of Community Policing Crete October 2017

Call for papers – Next Generation of Community Policing Police innovation requires a common ground of trust and a fair field of experimentation and exchange of ideas, both within and outside the police structure, and, perhaps most importantly, a recognition of the common stake of the entire community in better police services. Community Policing research … Read more

Newcastle University recognised as a national leader in cyber research

Centres of Excellence Academic Centres of Excellence will specialise in developing the latest cyber security techniques and contribute to the UK’s increased knowledge and capability in this field. All fourteen, which include Newcastle, Oxford, Imperial College London and Cambridge, are now recognised by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) which was launched in February 2017 … Read more

International Award Winning Data Analysts Lead the Way in Community Safety for Lancashire

The Lancashire Community Safety Partnership Analysis Team recently showed just how valuable the work of data analysts can be in reducing crime and harm in local communities, receiving international recognition at the recent IALEIA* international awards for excellence in analysis. The team cleaned up at the 2017 awards for the following: Category 1A: Best team … Read more