Data Analytics

The Data Analytics strand will collaborate with police and academic partners to support data sharing, analysis, and use. Aiming to facilitate research collaboration, the strand will develop a forum and clearing house to improve data quality and accessibility. Improving access to police and other sources of hard to reach data will provide opportunities for police staff and academics to develop the innovative solutions needed to deliver effective policing at a time of diminishing resources.

The overall objective is of the strand is to support data sharing, analysis and use.

In order to achieve this we will work with partners to:

* Streamline processes to access data held by police services;

* Facilitate access to secure physical and virtual spaces in which sensitive data can be accessed;

* Provide a portal to a range of relevant data sources;

* Support the analysis of data;

* Support the data cleansing and integration of raw data sets; and

* Support interoperability and the creation of common data standards to enable comparable data sets to be gathered across forces.

The clearing house will not replace existing structures and systems and will draw on best practice, learning and infrastructure from the Leeds Institute for Data Analytics (LIDA) and other similar ‘big data’ projects.

Data Analytics Consultation Report

Contact Us

The Data Analytics project team are based at the University of Leeds, if you would like more information about the strand please contact Fiona McLaughlin in the project office.  If you want to know more about the areas of research expertise for members of the project team, please use Find An Expert or use the links below:

Professor David Allen, Leeds University Business School       

Dr Nick Malleson, School of Geography