Building tools and training for crime analysts using R

September 25, 2017 @ 10:00 am – 3:45 pm
University of Manchester




The workshop will explore R (an open source statistical software) and its potential for crime analysis. Intelligence analysis is a critical component of contemporary policing strategies. While considerable effort is being made to develop training programmes and frameworks in order to systematically analyse and understand contemporary crime problems, there are few ‘how-to’ guides for specific analysis tools (statistics packages) for these programmes and frameworks. The workshop is a catalyst event to open discussions on what such ‘how-to’ guides might look like and to begin development of a network of policing practitioners and academics interested in working together to develop ‘how-to’ guides, and other training resources for the analysis of police data.

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Registration with coffee 10:00
Introduction to the N8 Policing Research Partnership 10:30
Overview of the Day 10:50
Presentations: examples of R for Crime Analysis (tbc):

·       Terrorism prevention with predictive modelling in R

·       Dashboards and interactive reports using R

·       Installing and using R on Police and Government systems

·       Estimating the time of aoristic crime events in R

·       Detecting points of change in crime trends in R

Lunch 13:00
Workshops: co-producing an outline of training requirements / ensuring means for sustainable collaboration and material development. 14:00
Afternoon tea break 15:00
Final Reflections and Network Building: Highlighting key themes from the day, and outlining next steps to sustain connections made. 15:15
Workshop closes 15.45

For specific queries about the content of the day (not booking enquiries) contact Dr R Solymosi:

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