N8 PRP Mobilising Data to Inform Policing Research and Practice

December 13, 2017 @ 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
Leeds Open Data Institute
Leeds LS9 8AG

    This workshop will bring together experts, scholars and practitioners to explore innovations in data exploitation and research collaboration and will provide a unique networking opportunity for new synergies between researchers and police practitioners.

    Workshop objectives

    The morning will showcase the powerful potential of the N8 PRP, exploring existing relationships and highlighting new areas for training and research. Speakers from the recently completed Police Knowledge Fund will present conclusions from their research, focusing on the significance of collaboration between scholars and practitioners in developing an evidence base for policing.

    In the afternoon delegates will take part in ‘Networking for Research Innovation’. This will provide an opportunity to discuss potential research ideas with experts from across the N8 PRP, build new networks and develop new ideas for data exploitation and innovative research.


    What is Networking for Research Innovation

    This session involves police practitioners submitting to the N8 PRP, research questions, interests and/or ideas on which they wish to collaborate based upon strategic priorities and/or existing datasets. At the event, participants will be matched with members from the academic community with similar or complimentary interests to whom they can present to and discuss their research plans. It is envisaged that this could then form the basis of new partnerships and collaborations.

    An open session will follow at the end of discussions, giving all attendees the opportunity for additional networking, to examine the list of research questions submitted by everyone attending on the day and to have follow-up meetings if required.

    How will you benefit?

    • Opportunities to present to and/or discuss with experts across the N8 PRP network and build new research partnerships;
    • The opportunity to post on a notice board resulting questions, problems, ideas and projects;
    • A document containing all information gathered at the event, including participant contact details (to be sent to you after the event).




    Sara Thornton, NPCC  – Fostering a culture of organisational learning: the role of data and research


    Realising the potential of data mobilisation and research coproduction

    10.00 – 10.20am Professor Adam Crawford – Unlocking Opportunities Through Collaboration

    10.20 – 10.40am Dr Nick Malleson and Fiona McLaughlin, University of Leeds– N8 PRP Data Analytics Strand, Innovation in Data Exploitation

    10.40 – 11.00am Justin Partridge, Humberside Police – Professional Development for Data Specialists




    Learning Lessons from the Police Knowledge Fund 

    The Police Knowledge Fund (PKF) has provided opportunities for research collaborations between police forces and academic institutions, increasing the evidence base in priority areas of policing. This session will explore conclusions from four recently completed PKF projects, not only looking at findings but focusing on the significance of co-production and how the collaboration of expertise has provided valuable outputs which will have practical implications to frontline policing.

    ·         ​​Liverpool John Moores University. Partners: Merseyside Police and PCC.

    Embedding evidence-based practice in public protection and crime prevention: A multi-disciplinary partnership

    ·         ​​Leeds Beckett University. Partners: West Yorkshire Police; Sheffield Hallam; Canterbury Christ Church; CENTRIC

    An evidence-based approach to fighting cybercrime from the frontline: Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of investigating cyber enabled crime

    ·         ​University of Sheffield & University of Leeds. Partners: South Yorkshire Police and PCC; West Yorkshire Police and PCC; Humberside Police and PCC; REMEDI.

    Developing restorative policing: using the evidence base to inform the delivery of restorative justice and improving engagement with victims

    ·         University of York. Partners: North Yorkshire Police; City of York Council; Selby District Council; North Yorkshire County Council; Public Health in North Yorkshire; North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Services; North Yorkshire and York Forum; York Teaching Hospital.

    Co-production of policing evidence, research and training: Focus on mental health




    Networking for Research Innovation


    Concluding Remarks Professor Adam Crawford, University of Leeds






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