Mobilising Data

March 25, 2019 all-day
TBC, Leeds, UK
Matt Butler

On Monday 25th March 2019 the N8 Police Research Partnership’s Data Analytics Strand will be hosting a Mobilising Data Event in LeedsThe event will bring together police practitioners and university researchers to discuss data, research and policy priorities, data science, and technological capacity. The aim is that everybody wins via the coproduction of better evidence-based policing and more impactful university research. Put simply, it’s a police-datathon.

Police are data rich organisations. But much of that data is captured for routine housekeeping and operational purposes, and is under-utilised as a means of informing strategy, tactics and resource allocation. Increasingly they also include the big data that emerges through the exhaust pipe of routine police activities: consider the tens of millions of ANPR images captured every day in the UK alone; or CCTV (and the overlap with the private sector); police communications systems; body worn cameras; continual geo-tracking of mobile police resources (officers and vehicles). These data represent a wealth of opportunity that remains largely unexploited.

The N8 PRP’s mobilising data event seeks to combine these police data and expertise with university data science skills and resources to coproduce solutions to difficult problems, and ultimately inform a broader evidence base. In the morning session the group will discuss the problems that they face and the issues that they are interested in tackling. Then the afternoon session will begin to consolidate these ideas and bring policing and academic expertise together to foster new collaborations. The vision is that some of these processes and collaborations would, over time, become systematised to the benefit of all: policing gains a stronger research arm and more informed decision-making; universities develop research that generates real world impact.

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