N8 PRP Policing Innovation Forum – Early Intervention Policing

November 2, 2017 all-day
Manchester Central: https://www.manchestercentral.co.uk/

On 2nd November 2017, the N8 PRP will be hosting the third Policing Innovation Forum which will bring together key academics, police, and other stakeholders.  The primary focus for this year’s forum is early intervention in domestic abuse with the morning plenary session exploring this subject.

In the afternoon workshops will showcase ideas from other areas where early intervention and prevention programmes are used. The intention is to get officers and academics to draw upon successful programmes in other crime areas to inform innovative solutions or areas for future research.


The second N8 Policing Innovation Forum event in 2016 focused on domestic abuse (DA) by taking an innovative approach to exploring creative ways to implement positive change and examining innovations in policing non-physical forms of domestic abuse, namely coercive and controlling behaviours.  A common theme that emerged during the discussions was the need for early intervention. With that in mind this year’s forum will keep a focus on DA but within the context of early intervention based on trigger behaviours, and will further explore the learning that could be applied from other policing and other public authority preventative areas.


Research has consistently shown that early intervention and effective prevention are inextricably aligned across a range of social issues including child delinquency, youth homelessness, women’s homelessness and rough sleeping (including the impact of domestic abuse as a contributory factor), self-harm, major affective disorders and anxiety disorders, to name some examples.  ‘Trigger behaviours’ are equally diverse including long-term effects of intimate partner violence on adolescent mothers.  Many of these antecedent behaviours will be ‘hidden’ to most but ‘known’ to some agencies, thus supporting the need for multi-agency engagement at the forum.


This event will launch the next round of the N8 PRP Small Grant Awards and it is hoped that ideas and relationships formed at this event will feed directly into this programme of work supporting research into targeted and important areas of policing.


  • Jon Shute, The University of Manchester – Gang Prevention and Intervention
  • Mick Wilkinson, West Midlands Police – Early Intervention to Prevent Football Disorder, ASB, and Violence
  • Clare McGregor, Coaching Inside and Out – Out of Solutions? Reframing the Problem
  • Paula Forster, Leicestershire County Council – Early Intervention in Health Care
  • Early Intervention Foundation – Early Intervention and Innovation in DA
  • Safer Schools, West Yorkshire Police – Early Intervention in Schools

Each workshop will run twice to allow delegates to attend two workshops during the day.


9.15am      Arrival and Registration
9.45am      Welcome
10.00am    Professor Amanda Robinson, Cardiff university – Policing Domestic Abuse
10.40am    Q&A
11.00am    Break
11.15am    Early Intervention Foundation & The Hamptons Trust – Round table discussion
12.15am    Lunch
1.15pm      Workshops Round 1
2.15pm      Break
2.30pm      Workshops Round 2
3.30pm      Developing an Innovative Research Agenda
4.15pm      End

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