N8 PRP Experts

The expertise register has been developed as part of the N8 PRP’s commitment to promoting collaboration in research and knowledge exchange. It is a fully searchable online database which can be used to identify experts actively involved in policing research across the N8 universities, N8 policing partners and other institutions and policing agencies across the North of England.

The database classifies academic experts according to their primary areas of policing research expertise. The classification identifies 46 thematic areas, and a copy of the classification used by the database can be found here.

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Who can use the database?
The database is freely open to anyone to search, including: academics, policing professionals and other policing partners. Search below to find a registered expert.

N8 PRP Experts Showcase

Dr Gavin Oxburgh
School of Psychology, Newcastle University
Position: Reader in Applied Forensic Psychology (Associate Professor); Co-lead for N8 PRP at Newcastle University
Area(s) of Expertise: Child abuse and exploitation, Counter terrorism, Criminal investigation, Criminal justice, Cyber crime, Domestic violence, Mental health, Offenders, Police organisational culture, Policing partnerships, Serious and organised crime, Victims and witnesses, Violent and sexual crime, Young people

Dr Sharon Grace
University of York
Position: Lecturer

Area(s) of Expertise: Antisocial behaviour, Community engagement, Criminal justice, Domestic violence, Drugs and alcohol, Policing partnerships, Victims and witnesses, Violent and sexual crime

Leanne Vickers
West Yorkshire for Innovation (WyFi), Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire
Position: Project Manager for Unity

Area(s) of Expertise: Community engagement, Leadership, Policing partnerships

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