Innovation lies at the heart of the N8 PRP’s strategy and programme of activities. This demands doing things differently in ways that respond to the challenges of social change, technological developments, new opportunities and emerging research evidence.

Policing Innovation Forum 2019

The 2019 iteration of the Policing Innovation Forum was held on the 14th November 2019 at Goodison Park. The 2019 iteration of the event was titled 'Tackling Knife Crime – Police and Multi Agency Responses to a Headline Problem' and was by far the largest and most ambitious Policing Innovation Forum to date.

With knife crime being such a topical and high profile issue, we worked alongside Superintendant Sarah Heath and her team from Cheshire Constabulary to ensure that the day featured a wide range of speakers and workshop leaders. As such, we were able to hear a diverse range of approaches to tackling knife crime, and it became clear that multi-agency engagement, through collaboration with partners and young people in the community, can genuinely make a difference in policing knife crime.

Key speakers and Workshop Leaders included:

Will Linden, Deputy Director of Violence Reduction Unit Scotland, Superintendant Sarah Heath of Cheshire Constabulary, Nic Martin and Paul Cooper of Queensberry AP.

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Policing Innovation Forum 2018

The 2018 Policing Innovation Forum was held on the 8th November at the Lancaster House Hotel. The theme for this event was Policing Mental Health: Improving services, reducing demand, and keeping people safe. This theme is extremely topical; with demands on police forces increasing, mental health is often seen as an area where police are stepping in to fill the void left by other agencies who are struggling to meet their own demands.

Key speakers included:

Mark Collins, Chief Constable for Dyfed-Powys Police and NPCC lead for Mental Health and Policing

Michael Brown OBE,  NPCC Mental Health Co-ordinator


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Policing Innovation Forum 2017 

On 2nd November 2017, the N8 PRP hosted the third Policing Innovation Forum which brought together key academics, police, and other stakeholders.  The primary focus for this forum was early intervention in domestic abuse with the morning plenary session exploring this subject.

In the afternoon workshops showcased ideas from other areas where early intervention and prevention programmes are used. The intention was to get officers and academics to draw upon successful programmes in other crime areas to inform innovative solutions or areas for future research.

Event page

PIF 2017 Presentations

Policing Innovation Forum 2016 

Was held 8th November at Manchester's Renaissance City Centre Hotel.

Domestic Abuse was identified by the N8 PRP as a common top level priority and there is concern that the current and wide-ranging research in relation to Domestic Abuse appears not to be having a significant impact in the policing of this issue. Following discussions, it was agreed that the main theme of the PIF would be ‘Vulnerability’ but that within this the issue of ‘Domestic Abuse’ will serve as a focus to explore a range of interconnected associated problems and causes.

The aim of the Forum was not to discuss and revisit prior research but to encourage creative discussion on why it has proved so difficult to implement positive change in this pressing challenge for policing and to determine new and innovative research approaches in tackling the short, medium and long term characteristics of Domestic Abuse.

Key speakers included:

Dame Vera Baird QC (PCC for Northumbria),
Zoe Billingham (HMIC),
Open Clasp Theatre performing 'Rattlesnake',
along with other speakers delivering workshops on the day.

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Policing Innovation Forum 2015 

The first N8 Policing Innovation Forum was held on 14th October 2015, our policing partners identified Cybercrime as a priority topic for this event and Forum brought together key policing and academic partners along with wider stakeholders to identify key research areas, stimulate knowledge exchange and drive innovation.

AN7A5982Speakers on the day included:

Sir Peter Fahy (Chief Constable, GMP),
Vanessa Smith (West Yorkshire Police Cyber Team),
John Parkinson (Exec Policing & Security Consultant),
Martin Tyley (KPMG),
Prof. David. S. Wall (Professor of Criminology, University of Leeds),
Prof. Nick Tilley (Professor of Security & Crime Science)

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