N8 PRP November Conference – ‘Policing Vulnerabilities and the Future of Police/Academic Partnerships’

‘Policing Vulnerabilities and the Future of Police/Academic Partnerships’

N8 Policing Research Partnership Conference

 23rd & 24th November 2020

Since 2013, the N8 Policing Research Partnership has been pioneering a major collaboration between eight research intensive universities and eleven police forces and Police and Crime Commissioners in the north of England in its quest to co-produce new knowledge that addresses the urgent challenges of policing and ensure the take up and application of evidence-based practices. Policing in the UK stands at cross-roads in terms of how the police and partner agencies respond to the socio-technical challenges of shifting vulnerabilities and demands for service. After a decade of austerity, the current Government’s commitment to increase police numbers in England and Wales by 20,000 raises numerous questions and challenges for police forces and the partner agencies with which they work. It also prompts fundamental questions about the competency, capacity, skills and knowledge upon which the police will operate and it’s relationships with other public and voluntary sector organisations that work to deliver public safety.

Conference Aims:

This conference will explore the challenges that confront implementing innovative and evidence-based reforms in policing. It will focus on policing diverse forms of vulnerability in which the police work closely in partnership with other organisations. In this regard, the conference will seek to showcase work from the N8 partnership and reflect on the learning from experiences in the UK and elsewhere on implementing police/academic partnership to foster research and the knowledge base. The second day will focus on identifying and exploring the new challenges for research informed and evidence-based policing in the face of shifting vulnerabilities and changing demands. Workshops will cover subjects including: Policing Covid-19, data analytics, policing vulnerabilities, policing futures and learning lessons through research co-production.

Who will benefit from attendance?

The conference will be of interest to all those concerned with shaping a future of policing informed by research evidence. In particular, it will be of value to proponents of evidence-based policing, police managers, reflective practitioners, representatives of public and voluntary sector organisations working in partnership with the police, policing researchers and scholars.

Confirmed Speakers will include:

Mike Cunningham, CEO College of Policing

Gloria Laycock, University College London

Tom Gash, Institute for Government

Rick Muir, Director of the Police Foundation

Liz Aston, Napier University & Director of the Scottish Institute of Policing Research

Nicole Westmarland, Durham University

Nick Pole, College of Policing

Ngaire Waine, Merseyside Police

Geoff Pearson, University of Manchester

Adam Crawford, University of Leeds


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