N8 PRP Staff Exchange and PGR Internship Awards announced

The N8 PRP Staff Exchange Award Scheme and PGR Internship open call will provide funds to support projects into targeted and important areas of policing work, where the gaps in knowledge are most prominent and where research benefits are of greatest value.

Following success of the Pilot scheme last year the Staff Exchange and PhD Internship Scheme has now been rolled out and the partnership are delighted to announce that two successful bids have been awarded in the first round:

  • Staff Exchange award: ‘Policing ethics’ – this project aims to contribute to the development and implementation of an Ethics Committee at Durham Constabulary—Durham university and Durham Constabulary.
  • PhD Internship award: From ‘Report to Court’: A Comparative, qualitative study of police domestic abuse recording practices and responses.—Durham university and Cumbria Constabulary with involvement from GMP and Northumbria Police.

The aim of such exchanges is to provide significant staff mobility and interaction between police, police partner agencies and academics (including early career researchers) in Higher Education Institutions with the intention of fostering greater mutual understanding and trust between the partners and to facilitate research into priority policing issues.


More info:

Staff Exchange

The Staff Exchange Scheme will facilitate interactions between policing partners and universities to build and strengthen relationships and facilitate knowledge exchange. The scheme provides policing partners with an opportunity to work on a project at a partner university or for academic staff to work with a policing partner at their site.

PGR Internship

The PGR Internship programme offers postgraduate researchers (PGR) the opportunity to undertake part-time research projects within N8 police forces. Working in a research capacity with an N8 PRP partner, the researcher will have an opportunity to engage with the needs of the police organisation and to build the knowledge gained from the placement into their future research plans.

Application deadlines for 2017 are: 31st May, 31st August and 30th November.

Projects might involve (suggestions, not limited to):

  • Surveying or interviewing users or providers of relevant services to identify ways in which they could be improved;
  • Support for analysts working on a problem profile;
  • Evaluating a project or scoping out the potential for a new project which aims to bring social or economic benefits to police practice;
  • Gathering evidence and writing reports to support strategic priorities and initiatives.

If you have a project in mind or would like help developing an idea then please contact Professor Nicole Westmarland

Staff Exchange webpage

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