The first Innovation Forum delivers opportunities for police and universities to co create research

9224sqN8 PRPs first major event, the N8 Policing Innovation Forum was held on 14th October 2015 and is the dynamic ‘engine’ of innovation at the heart of the overall project. Our policing partners identified Cybercrime as a priority topic for this event and Forum brought together key policing and academic partners along with wider stakeholders to identify key research areas, stimulate knowledge exchange and drive innovation.

Key speakers at the N8 Innovation Forum included:

Sir Peter Fahy (Chief Constable, GMP),
Vanessa Smith (West Yorkshire Police Cyber Team),
John Parkinson (Exec Policing & Security Consultant),
Martin Tyley (KPMG),
Prof. David. S. Wall (Professor of Criminology, University of Leeds),
Prof. Nick Tilley (Professor of Security & Crime Science)

This was an energising and stimulating event, ambitiously combining keynote addresses along with market place ideas exchange and live role play. It showcased creative collaborative thinking and a huge thanks to all that took part.

Professor Adam Crawford, Director of the N8 Policing Research Partnership, said:

“The calibre of creative thinking and curiosity brought to this event was truly impressive. It demonstrates the need to work collaboratively in order to innovate in addressing key policing priorities. Of all the challenges to contemporary policing, cyber-crime demands that we think differently and develop innovative ways of working”

“The Policing Innovation Forum is further example of the manner in which N8 universities are collaborating with policing partners in novel ways to co-produce knowledge that will inform future policing strategies and help ensure police practices that conform with the best research evidence available.”

Some fantastic and challenging ideas for collaborative research initiatives were delivered and we hope to see these explored over the coming year. Mike Cunningham (HMIC), who attended the event gave the takeaway message:

“To academics your biggest gift to policing is challenge. To police your biggest task is to embrace challenge”

Marketplace notes:

Funding to Support Innovation and Research Co-production from the N8 Policing Research Partnership Catalyst Project has now been annouced and details about applying for the small grant awards 2015/2016 can be found here

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