Training and Learning


‘To enhance research training and learning among police and partners organisations to secure research impact and maximise the practical benefits to policing innovation and the exploitation of data’ 

Conference/Seminar funding Opportunity


Maximum funds available: £3,000.00

The N8 Policing, Training and Learning strand is offering the opportunity for our partners to apply for funding to host events that address the training and learning needs of the police and academics conducting research in an area of policing. This strand of the N8 Policing Partnerships seeks to provide opportunities for knowledge exchange between academics and policing partners.

Each application must explain the rationale for the event, its proposed content, location, expected numbers (no more than 1500 words), and a supporting letter from a constabulary workforce lead to explain that the event would address the training and learning needs of  police, or evidence that such training is needed.

The event must be held before the end of March 2018.

Please email completed application forms and supporting evidence to Jude Towers 5pm on the application closing date. Successful applicants will be notified on 30th September 2017.

You may wish to consult members of the N8 list of experts, please see:

For further information please contact Dr Jude Towers,  Lancaster University,

Other news/activities

N8 PRP Training and Learning Research Project

The N8 PRP Training and Learning strand is coordinating a research project on training and learning in the N8 Policing Research Partnership (PRP), in order to:

  • identify best practices in training and learning in N8 police forces which can be shared across the partnership;
  • identify current challenges to training and learning in police forces;
  • identify future training and learning needs for policing partners;
  • investigate relevant resources available through N8 academic partners and how beneficial partnerships between police and academics can be strengthened;
  • and to use findings of the research to support the sustainable development of partnerships between police and academic beyond the end of the N8 PRP project in 2020.

Dr Cheryl Simmill-Binning is the Research Associate, based at Lancaster University, who will be carrying out the data collection for the project. Cheryl will be in touch with the N8 PRP police forces over the next few weeks to arrange interviews. The data generated by these interviews with key policing staff will be used to develop a survey on training and learning for wider dissemination in the N8 PRP police forces.

We will be publishing a report on the research findings and running dissemination events in the Summer of 2017.

For further information about the project contact: Dr Cheryl Simmill-Binning ( or the N8 PRP Acting Lead for Training and Learning Dr Jude Towers (